In the year 2059, artificial intelligence has risen to new heights.  In an attempt to harness its rapidly expanding reach, humans conducted experiments across the world.  During the experiments, calculation errors resulted in the accidental opening of zero-dimensional black holes, which devoured the consciousness’ of the scientists and researchers involved in the tests.

Anyone in the vicinity of the blackholes were turned into mindless zombies, with a hunger to extract more and more human souls.

As the new plague spread, mass blackouts followed leaving the world in darkness.  With the majority of the population having been turned into zombies, small pockets of unaffected humans gathered in small armored cities in an attempt to restart civilization.


Behind the secure walls of Dogtown, rumors of a “Safe Zone” consume the minds of two average factory workers.  When they intercept a transmission and learn of the possible location of the Safe Zone, they decide to venture beyond the sanctuary of the city barriers and into the unknown in search of a better life.

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